Together we reach for the sky

Sometimes we fail

But together we try

Against fears we rail

Together you and I

It may seem crazy

The things that we do

You never say no, but maybe

It’s one of the things I love about you

You gave me your ring

And took my hand

Its love that we bring

As we travel across this land

Honey I believe in you

I have to shout

You’re not the type to coo

But you take my fears away

You send them out

You brighten my day

Together we reach for the sky

It’s always been

You and I

Against the din

Of doubters and detractors

It wasn’t much of a chase

Together, we are reactors

We won the romance race

All we needed was each other

We lend support, not smother

Together we reach for the sky

You placed your hand in mine

Together until we die?

Honey, until the end of time

Together we reach for the sky

We reach for the sky


You and I