Out of Time

Out of Time – This is about a man who who is a “prior” life had shot and killed a rapist. But a lawman has found him and wants to take him in for the shooting crime. The young cop arrives and is willing to let the man run, as it was a rapist that he killed. But, that still means he must let go of his lover, as she can’t run with him. Inspired by the film “A Time to Kill”. If there’s a musician willing to tackle writing the instrumentals for this, please contact me! (See home page for link)


Out of Time

There were tears in her eyes

And I heard her soft sighs

But knew I had to go

Had to, don’t you know?


There was no time to analyze

No softening good byes

I was on the run

The kid had found my gun


No way to explain

Why I caused such pain

What’s done, was done

No more silky thighs

No pleasure cries


I had to go

Away from her

The joy of my heart

Far from her laughter

Like a poisoned dart


The truth had escaped

How I treated that rape

He paid for his crime

Now the crime was mine


The hour had come

My life was undone

The crime was mine

No more living on borrowed time


I went for the door

She fell the floor

I started to turn

But didn’t want to learn

What her eyes would say

Holding the truth of today


Tears began to burn

So I ran out the door

What the kid had to say

Turned my feet to clay

He’d hide the gun

But I’d have to run


Away from her

It’s been like a burr

A constant pain in my side

A reminder of how I lied


I can still hear

Her cries in my ear

But the end was near

She said come back to me

Don’t you see?

There’s another way

But I had to pay


The truth couldn’t hide

The pain never subside

It came that day

I had to pay


Truth destroyed what we had

My life hadn’t been bad

But all cards were played

The choices I made

The memories never fade


Time takes away

The words I want to say

That in her I met

The woman worth hedging my bet

She gave me hope

Her memory helps me cope

With being on the road

My story left untold


Alone I will be

Hope she has good memories of me

I had to go

Don’t you know?

Don’t you know?