I Have a Confession

I have a confession

There’s something I really need to say

It’s about when we first met girl

You did not make my day


You were inside the new coffee shop

Wearing your stained apron

Balancing a tray full of cups

Working your way through the room

Until you tripped on that mop


Coffee went flying all through the air

Wouldn’t you just know it

Most of it landed on my chair

You scalded my thighs and burned my knees

And when you turned to apologize

All I could think was: give me patience please!


I have to admit though

After when I came over to pay

And you wouldn’t add up my fee

I didn’t know what to say


Still I kept coming into your shop

Seeing you laugh each day

As you step up over that same mop

Your smile is always awesome to see

And you have learned how to make me laugh

Getting to know you has affected me!


At first I was embarrassed

I had some unkind thoughts

I didn’t see how you could manage a shop

Meanwhile I thought of myself as some super cop!


I have a confession

There’s something I really need to say

It’s about since we first met girl

You really make my day


I finally got over myself

And started to see truth

Though our paths have been so different

We are all the same inside

Him, her, you, me and myself



About this song: This song is supposed to be about a friendship between a man and a woman. He’s a busy working guy who checks out the new coffee shop. She’s a struggling shop owner/waitress. In the video (in my mind) it’s not until when she turns around to apologize for spilling coffee on him (he’s furious) that the viewers see she has Down’s Syndrome (he’s shocked). He struggles with prejudice but getting to know her they become good friends.