Lisa Beere: Songs Lyrics

I’ve posted a few of my song lyrics in the hopes of finding persons with whom to partner and someday get the addition of awesome instrumentals! I am by no means a trained musician. But I have creative ideas I’d like to see take flight.

My (very limited) background in music started in infancy as both parents, Grandmother and oodles of relations have spent decades singing in choirs. I have sung in many school choirs, with the P.A.N.D.A. group (teens against illegal drug use and alcohol abuse), at camp, in the shower…I am painfully shy when it comes to performing especially solo, and that is one of my challenges I plan to overcome, as soon as I can!

I have played piano (level/grade 3), tried flute (painful when wearing braces), tried trumpet (loved the rude sounds when learning!), drums (I was thrilled at the ability to pound out stress, my parents weren’t so much), recorder, and clarinet.

But it is singing that is on my bucket list. I want to sing a solo – and do it well.  Someday!


Lisa Beere