What Do You Mean…Lice?!

What Do You Mean I Have Lice?!

“My name is Mark and I have a story to share. It is a story that might make you wiggle in your chair. But please keep reading…if you dare!

It started with an itch. I woke up one morning as I always do, but this time I had an itch. That was something new. It started behind one ear. So I scratched it. By the time we had finished eating breakfast, one itch had become two. Now the top of my head was driving me nuts. So I rubbed it with back of my hand then put on a hat…”


From Author: This story may make you “itch and squirm”, but it attempts to deal in a factual and calm manner with an issue that hundreds of children are told each year, …that they have head lice. This story addresses the notion that only “those” kids get lice. It tells readers how lice is really caught, or “transferred” if you will. That the lice doesn’t care who you are. And how to get rid of lice.

MOST IMPORTANTLY it tries to tell a young person who has caught lice that it is not their fault, they are not bad, not dirty and it will be okay.

It is my hope that this book will become as widespread as lice itself. That it will quell bad feelings and combat lice by spreading the word on how to get rid of the pests!

So please, once this book is available, “spread the word” so others may benefit from it!

Thank you!