Twinkle the Elf…Copycat

Twinkle the Elf: A Copycat Who Finds Herself

Don’t let the “Elf” in the title fool you. This is not a holiday specific story, but makes a fine gift ALL year round! 

Twinkle wants to do everything her big sister Sparkle does! (What parent of siblings has not seen this arrive?)

This story ends in a “feel good moment” when big sister Sparkle patiently explains that Twinkle doesn’t need to copy anyone because she is special – as herself.

COVER DRAFT FINAL Twinkle the Elf4-3 - CopyThis book is aimed at children age 4-7 years. It is a solid story with a gentle way to open discussion with both younger and older siblings around the importance of being true to oneself, and not just copying to try and be like or “be liked by” someone else. *It also applies to children trying to be like the crowd when that may not be the best decision. (Published August 31, 2017)

PURCHASING: Small quantities of print through Print/eBook online through Crimson Cloak Publishing, Amazon, Chapters, etc. Some direct links:

Kathryn “Kae” Richardson is returning as the illustrator for Twinkle the Elf! She did an excellent job with the illustrations in Sparkle the Elf: A Story About Confidence (Crimson Cloak Publishing, Jan 2017)

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