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Don’t be fooled by “Elf” in the title!

This book is not a Christmas storyThis is a story about how children can build their self confidence and self esteem. And it makes a great gift ANY time of year!

Sparkle the Elf: A Story About Confidence – “Sparkle is the littlest elf. Often overlooked, she decides to learn how to sew and make a special outfit so she’ll stand out. Her new skill gives her a Sparkle of achievement that draws admiring attention.This lovely book will inspire self-confidence in children by reminding them that they are loved, and encourage them to be proud of their skills and accomplishments.”

Published July 4, 2017.

ISBN – 10:1681603071 and ISBN – 13:9781681603070

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  1. By Amazon Customer on May 29 2017  Format: Kindle Edition A great story to encourage children to discover their talent and self belief. The colourful illustrations bring the characters alive making it a good one for sharing .

    2. 5/5 Stars Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

    We are our own worst critics. How often have we heard that phrase? And yet it is so true. It’s hard not to find fault with ourselves, to overcome whatever deficiencies we believe we have. For example, Sparkle has a problem with her size. She’s an elf; she was born small, very small, even for an elf. Surrounded by her family, all big and successful elves, Sparkle feels insignificant. Basically, she feels like she just doesn’t measure up (no pun intended) as an elf. She decides to prove herself by sewing a new outfit for herself. She works hard for days and is quite satisfied with the finished outfit, but it’s not the outfit that finally makes her feel good about herself and makes her live up to her name, makes her sparkle. It’s a chance encounter at the pond and some sage advice: “Know that the sparkle comes from inside you.”

    Lisa Beere’s picture book story, Sparkle the Elf, is a clever way to present a very strong message, not just to young people, but people of all ages. Complete with exquisite illustrations by Kae Richardson, this book will charm readers of all ages, as the story about Sparkle really does sparkle. Just like Sparkle the elf, we all need to see the good within us and be content with who and what we are. Sometimes it takes the sage wisdom of a stranger to point out what we should already know; that we really are beautiful both inside and out, and our true beauty comes from deep within us. Wonderful story. A simple message with a very powerful punch. Well done!

    Illustrator Kathryn “Kae” Richardson is also the illustrator for the follow-on book about Sparkle’s little sister Twinkle who wants to do EVERYTHING that Sparkle does. Twinkle the Elf”, a story about a copy cat, is coming soon!

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