Sam and the Bully

Publication expected Summer 2018!

Sam and the Bully is aimed at children age 4-7 yrs. It takes a unique look at bullying by framing the situation through the bully’s eyes. It is a gentle way to encourage young children to talk about bullying, whether they are the bully or the child being bullied. It makes the reader ask “Why is the bully doing what he/she is doing?” Also, “What sorts of behavior should you do if you want to make friends?” The story gives children a means of discussing property rights and personal space.

Sam and the Bully also has good entertainment value. We readers start off sympathetic to Sam for having a bully in his class and then we are surprised to find out that the bully is – Sam!

Author’s Note: I am hoping that this story will serve to encourage parent/teacher-child communication on bullying issues. It is meant to entertain and be a tool to combat our national bullying crisis by addressing it at the youngest levels.

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Lynn Costelloe is the Illustrator for this book. She is the Illustrator for some of my other books:

  • Night Noises
  • I’m Running Away!
  • One BIG Family!

She is also an Author/Illustrator of her own books! Lynn has her B.Ed. from Sheffield Hallum University in England. She may be contacted and her other work seen thru these links: