Mouse in a BIG House

Mouse in a big house

This story tells an interesting tale of a little mouse’s adventures as he races around a house. The story teaches young children about directions, size and relationships.

Aimed at children age 2-7 years; with subtle rhymes and language simple enough for early readers to participate. (Published Dec. 31, 2017)

PURCHASING: Mouse is available through in print, and print/eBook online through Amazon, Chapters, Barnes and Noble, etc.

ILLUSTRATOR: Stéphanie Dazé’s love of the arts started very young. By age two her stickmen had bellybuttons! Throughout her school years, the arts were always her forte. Growing up she lived in a small town 30 minutes East of Ottawa, Ontario, and traveled into Ottawa for high school at L’École Secondaire Publique De La Salle, to study in their extensive arts program. Stéphanie  spent a year in Graphic Design at Collège La Cité in Ottawa, followed by an additional two year course in Interior Decoration. With such extensive experiences in the artistic domain, she now currently enjoys the title of Custom Cabinet Designer for an amazing manufacturing company. Stéphanie also has the pleasure of being the Mom of one; a child who inspires her to be creative everyday. You can reach here through:

Below is a first draft of Mouse