I’m Running Away!

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Sam (from Night Noises) returns to readers in this story. (Sam & Junie Book Series)

I’m Running Away! has Sam trying to adjust to the new baby in his family. But no one is paying Sam any attention. So, he decides to pack up and run away! (Don’t worry, he doesn’t actually get out the door). This story is about family members caring about one another, and things not always being as they seem. (Published July 4, 2017)


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eBook/print versions: please purchase online Amazon (ca, com, uk, fr)), Chapters, Crimson Cloak Publishing, etc. Full list of distributors is located on welcome page. ISBN – 10:1681604477 and ISBN – 13:9781681604473

Official press release https://www.prlog.org/12651062-canadian-childrens-author-releases-new-book-in-the-sam-and-junie-series.html

4/4 Star Review https://forums.onlinebookclub.org/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=45557  (Excerpt from Reviewer CataclysmicKnight)

While the book is short (12 pages each of alternating images and text), it packs a lot of emotion and a good lesson. I enjoyed the art in I’m Running Away! as well. Illustrated by Lynn Costelloe, all the art in the book is clearly hand-drawn. It also pulls off matching emotions with the text from author Lisa Beere, highlighting Sam’s loneliness as his siblings get all of the attention from his parents. The writing is also done well, and the rhyming flow of the writing is done well. Between the art and the rhymes it’s very fitting for reading to young ones and showing off the images. The recommended age on Amazon is listed as 3-8 years old which is perfect both for the way this book is written and for the ages that seem most likely to have a new sibling added to the family. Above all, I’m Running Away! is the perfect book for a middle child. Middle Child Syndrome is a real, studied thing that many middle children experience as they feel ignored and grow resentful and jealous of their siblings. Lisa, the author, also mentions that she wrote this book to help parents with any child going through the “adjustment period” of a new sibling, like when she had her own second child. A child who is used to getting all of the attention can have just as much trouble, or even more, when a new baby is brought into the family. In these situations, I highly recommend I’m Running Away!

4 star Review – Reviewed by Bruce Arrington for Readers’ Favorite

Did you ever think about running away when you were little? I remember it, vaguely, though I don’t exactly remember why. I’m Running Away! by Lisa Beere is a charming illustrated tale of a boy who plans on doing just that. No one pays any attention to him or his needs (so he thinks), and so he sees no point in sticking around. He gathers his belongings for a Great Adventure, away from his family.

I found the cover to be eye-catching in a sad sort of way. Obviously the boy isn’t happy he is running away, but it looks like he doesn’t have a choice. The story is pleasantly told in a rhyming format, expressing Sam’s frustrations and allowing us to see life from his point of view. The bright colors of the pictures certainly stand out and get the attention they deserve. I would recommend this story for children who are going through tough times, be they at school, home or anywhere else that they might feel neglected by those important to them.

Now I must point out that although the story does have a satisfying ending, not all children’s problems are solved by fixing everything with a birthday party just for them. However, I think I’m Running Away! can help provide for a healthy discussion for getting to the reasons why a child would want to run away. Lisa Beere’s book does well in touching upon a potentially important subject for children who might feel as though they have few options open to them.

Lynn Costelloe is the Illustrator for I’m Running Away!” and several other books about Sam’s family including: “One BIG Family” and “Sam & the Bully”She is also an Author/Illustrator of her own books! Lynn has her B.Ed. from Sheffield Hallum University in England. She may be contacted and her other work seen thru these links: