Hair, Hair, Everywhere!

Many families have inter-generational conflicts…This cute story shows how humor is used to relieve tension when Grandma decides to give the children haircuts, without first asking Mom. The story will appeal to children because it focuses on something that matters to them, the status of their hair. It also teaches a coping skill (humor) that children could use for other stressful situations, in a subtle manner that parents will appreciate. (Published July 4, 2017)

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Illustrator May Mutter studied Interactive Multimedia and Design at Carleton University in Ottawa (Canada). “Hair, Hair, Everywhere!” is her first time illustrating a book. May is also the brains behind the “Caged Mind Project”. With this project she uses body art to communicate what it’s like to have a brain injury


“I loved the book.”   Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers’ FavoriteIf you walked into your child’s or any room within your house and you saw hair everywhere, would that freak you out or would you just inhale and exhale, feeling Namaste vibes? Hair, Hair, Everywhere! by Lisa Beere is a story about conflict resolution, disarray and your reactions to things that you can’t control. This colorful illustrated children’s book offers a scenario that will teach children about how to deal with a conflict resolution situation. Children will enjoy reading this book because when we, as parents, see chaos, our children see fun and wonder.

When Mom left the children with their grandmother to go to work, their grandmother decided that she wanted to cut a few things. She trimmed her two dogs’ fur and pruned a few plants, but that was not enough. As she began to cut her two grandchildren, Violet and Rosie’s hair, their mother walked in. At first, she didn’t know what to do and how to feel by seeing the hair everywhere. Initially, she was shocked and then she just began to laugh. How would you react if you saw hair everywhere?

This story is a great take on how to deal with pressure or things that you can’t change. Your reaction to conflict helps you to determine the outcome. This book offers some great lessons on how to deal with discord and how to turn a seemingly bad situation into a fun and humorous lesson that everyone can enjoy. Remember, your child is watching you in how you react to things, and you are teaching them how to become a balanced adult. If hair is everywhere, all you can do is just laugh. I loved the book.

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