Publication expected in Summer 2018

This story for very young children (0-4 years) uses simple language to entertain as it describes life in the day of a cat. It  also builds vocabulary and teaches directions. 

Jill Fortier (aka Billi-Jo Rempel) and Desireah Lascelles (the Artists) teamed up on doing the playful illustrations for Cat.

Jill has an Undergraduate Degree – Honours in Fine Arts; her thesis was in photography, and she became highly skilled in all media while in art school. She is currently enrolled in a Master’s of Education program, specializing in distance education.


Desireah Lascelles has recently opened a Go Fund me project in the National Capital Region, to support her opening a vegan food truck.

She can be reached through any of the following:

Social Links

The Emerald Isle – Shamanic and Reiki Healing Services.

The Trash Panda Upcycling-Clothes-Accessories

The Silver Star – Twin Flames


black white cat

**CAT will be available for purchase (print) through and print/eBook though Amazon, Chapters, etc. – online