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The French version of Night Noises is now available as Les bruits dans la nuit

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Why do I write for children? I enjoy seeing things at their level. I want to hear their concerns and provide reassurances. I want my writing to both entertain and educate. My goal is also to create stories that adults will also enjoy the 20th time read!

My children’s stories are aimed at age groups between 0-9 years. In the future I also want to explore different genres and try writing for older children, as well maybe try writing for adults. I have written film scripts, a play, poetry, short stories, song lyrics and articles for magazines. Some of my writing pieces have certainly had more success than others! I currently have several children’s books published by Crimson Cloak Publishing (CCP). 

***CCP has decided to cancel their children’s line so I’m hunting for a new Publisher for future stories!

Thanks very much for your support and encouragement, it means a lot!

Lisa Beere

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A bit heavier… MY JOURNEY

Writing brought me back to my true self.

In the past I have worked as a Security Guard; in day cares and school age programs with children; as a Child and Youth Care Worker; Residential Care Worker in an addictions treatment program; Business Planner; Project Manager; Employment Equity Coordinator; Human Resources Planner, Senior Analyst…but then I had an accident…


the too bright lights and pounding sounds of footsteps attacked my mind; betraying my jumbled head. My vision was askew, midline shifted into someplace right – but it seemed right, at the time. I couldn’t speak without some mumbled words, slurring, jumbling sounds, inserting nonsensically into what I thought was a well-formed phrase.

I hurt

my stumbling feet and dark glasses made some think “inebriation”, rather than injury; only the addition of a cane gave allowances for my weaknesses. Unable to tie shoes, read a magazine, follow a recipe, drive, attend my child’s concert, handle screen time, manage time, make sense of the world…every part of me hurt

I hurt

with an intense head pain, that felt like an ax had been shoved straight through my skull into my neck and radiated down my back and arms. I hurt so bad it was only

prayer that got me through

when I prayed, I was pleading, bargaining – most often to make it through

Sometimes, I begged for repentance

I am embarrassed to admit, but there was a time I begged for death

It hurt that bad …

As part of my recovery, I decided I needed to start writing again.

I needed a way to cope with the pain; to rebuild my vocabulary; so I could speak coherently and without embarrassment. I wanted to feel productive. Through this journey learned what it is like to be treated like an invalid. I know now what it is like to have memory loss and confusion. I can relate to my Grandmother’s growing dementia. I have found a deeper sense of awareness and understanding for persons with disabilities; and I try to offer more patience to people in general. This has brought me closer to my children.

My writing anchored me. It pulled out my fears, insecurities, anger, frustration and terror. Eventually, I arrived at a place where I was almost me. I’m still fighting to recover fully. But, I able to accept the moment; to write with passion inside and appreciate the welcome words of readers, like you.

While certainly an unwanted journey, in many ways I am grateful to be on the road less traveled by.